Together we have 20+ years of dance/instructional experience!  We’ve enjoyed various genres of music and dance styles and have focused our talents currently on West Coast Swing, Country 2 Step, Country Waltz and Night Club 2 step dancing. 

 Our constant goal with dance is to have as much fun as possible. So, in approaching dance, there are many places and ways to learn new moves, but what most people seem to desire is to look and feel more like a dancer. In our workshops and classes, we try to help people find the dancer within themselves while breaking down dance patterns into an easy way to understand and remember them. 

  By devoting our learning sessions to "The Dance Conversation", we try to help people have a better understanding of what "connection" means, with an emphasis on how to "talk" and "listen" through the body. Dance is a non-verbal conversation, with proper and effective rules of interpersonal communication applying there as well. 

All in all, we want others to enjoy dancing as much as we do. We want to share the knowledge that we've acquired over the years and at the same time, have FUN!

Happy Dancing Everyone!!